March 26, 2013

iRun for Kids race re-cap

My first 'real' race of the year!  Wasn't gonna run as I had not been training due to a heel injury.  On top of that, I arrived at packet pick-up 10 minutes after the race started.  (note to self: double check race start time!) I grabbed my packet, set the stuff in my car, pinned on my race bib, and attached my timing chip.  As I hurried to the starting line I prayed they would let me start. They did!  I took off running, at a VERY slow pace, and thought to myself, "I hope I catch up to the back of the pack." 

I headed over the bridge and had to keep stopping and scooting out of the way of the leaders who were on their way back over the bridge heading to the finish line.  Their encouraging words kept me going.  It was a wonderful little run/walk through downtown Albany.  At about mile 1.5 I caught up with the back of the pack and started passing people I knew.  Their cheers gave me the strength to keep going.  A few more twists and turns and I was heading back over the bridge.  Now I was the one trying to get past people. 

Then to my surprise a bicycle came by on my left, opening the way for the leader of the 10-mile race!  As I approached the finish line, I had an overwhelming sense of relief and accomplishment!  I had finished my first race since October of 2012.  And less that 3 minutes from my PR!