January 31, 2012

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Three Ways to Honor Sherry Arnold

January 29, 2012
by dimity
A bib, created by Races 2 Remember, for Sherry's virtual run.
In the weeks since Sherry Arnold, the mother runner and teacher from Sidney, Montana, has gone missing, her disappearance made national news. Even People magazine covered it. (I wish they would’ve factchecked the word “jogger” in the headline; she was—as we all are—a runner.) Sadly, her body has not yet been found–the FBI are still on the case–but her family, including Beth Risdon of Shut Up and Run, is eager to honor her memory. In a beautiful post, Beth writes, “I won’t focus on the evil parts of this story. I will say there are two malicious, heinous men who did this and thousands upon thousands of loving and good people who have reached out in support. It’s not even a close contest. The good continues to outweigh the evil by a long shot. That’s where I will put my attention.”
That’s where we’re putting our attention too. I was very teary the day that Sherry was proclaimed dead, and I know plenty of you were too. Another Mother Runner Phoebe wrote on FB, “The Montana Mom, Teacher, Runner won’t be coming home. I’m a wreck over a person I never knew….” Exactly.
I didn’t know Sherry, but I knew her: I knew she loved on her kids; I knew she thrived on a good run; I knew she wanted to make a difference in the world through teaching and adoring her students; I knew her priorities must have included health and personal goals and the regular endorphin rush; I knew I would’ve instantly liked her and wanted to be her friend.
Beth is spearheading a two-pronged effort to honor her cousin, and we want to support her and spread the word.
First up: a virtual run. On Saturday, February 11th, we encourage you to grab your BRF’s, your family, your running club, your neighbors, anybody and everybody who wants to run with Sherry in their hearts.
Some details:
:: The run starts at 9 MST; if you can make that time, great. (I hope you can; I want the earth to shake in Sherry’s honor.) If you can’t, just run when you can.
:: The distance is up to you. Go fast, go slow, go fartlek, go short, go long. Just go with the knowledge that Sherry will be watching from above–and with you every step of the way.
:: You can print out a pdf of the bib here. If it’s raining, Beth wisely suggests laminating it with packing tape.
:: Beth (and we) would love to see pics or blog posts of your runs; you can e-mail her at beth@shutupandrun and she’ll get them to Sherry’s family.

January 8, 2012


So, I start training tomorrow for my half marathon races this year.  I'm hoping to be able to do a full marathon this year.  I'm signed up for 2 halfs and will sign up for another.